Phil 1 - 20038 - Online - Go to and log in.

Phil 6 - 20498 - Online - Go to and log in.

Phil 9 - 20631 - Online - Go to and log in.

Phil 9 - 28038 - Wednesday 3:45-6:55 Birch 1108

Phil 9 - 27048 - Monday 7:00-10:10 Birch 1108

Phil 20 - 20761 - Wednesday 7:00-10:10 Birch 1108

DROPPING POLICY: Please read the syllabus of your class carefully for the dropping policy. It is generally incumbant upon YOU to drop yourself from the class; however, campus policy requires that I have the authority to drop people who have not participated in Week 1. Always check your

ONLINE CLASSES: If you want to be added to an online class, you must email me with the subject line Adding Online Philosophy ## (the number of the class you want to add.) Online classes are VERY popular, so getting in to them can be a challenge. I will respond to requests to add one to two weeks before the start the class.

ADDING POLICY: Those wanting to add must come to, and stay for the duration of, the first meeting to ensure they keep their spot on waiting lists or submit their name for adding consideration. In the second week of class I will randomly select names from those who came to the first meeting and submitted their names for consideration. If you fail to show up for the first class you are not entitled to add the class. For all classes I will add up to 5 students above the class cap. NO MORE. If you want to add the class please be honest with yourself about your ability and desire to meet the requirements: you ought not take a spot from someone who is passionate about philosophy merely because you need units.